War of Instant Messenger Apps: WhatsApp vs WeChat

WhatsApp v/s WeChat Which Is Better ?

In the epoch of android and windows smart phones instant messaging has become the need of every people to communicate with friends and family. WhatsApp and Wechat both are widely popular and famous applications of instant messaging as they connect millions of people across the world. These two applications acquire the common features like simple contact IM and group contact IM but still there are some big differences among their features. So, here are the comparison points based on two instant messengers through which you conclude which one is more superior.

WhatsApp vs WeChat

VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet Protocol)

When we talk about the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) process, WhatsApp is not able to compete with Wechat . This is quite easy to use; press and hold the middle button follow by saying aloud your message with the microphone after that release the button and then your message being sent. WhatsApp is not provided the simplicity to send the voice message on its flip side.

Customizable Background

On the usability and accessibility basis, it is straightforward to choose best one messenger among the two. Subsequently, WhatsApp has features to change the background wallpaper easily but WeChat have multiple applications that means you can access other applications like Google Drive, DropBox and Phone Gallery and can apply the picture to serve background from there and which is much better than apply a picture by first downloading it in the whatsApp. So, WeChat is more convenient for this purpose.

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Sign UP feature

In this feature, WhatsApp process is quick and easy as you have to only select city then phone number and process done while in WeChat in which you will require email address and have it verified once you receive an email. As a result, you are free to use the app and interact with your friends easily. As per this attribute, WhatsApp is more reliable than WeChat because you can easily connect with phone numbers easily.


WeChat has huge number of fascinating emoticons range and user can play a paper, rock scissors game with this application. On the other hand, WhatsApp does not have this kind of game but includes several of emoticons for expressing your feelings. In this condition, WeChat is the clear winner against the WhatsApp.

There are more favorable points of WeChat like you can do the live vedio call chat and instant voice streaming. More features include the location search within your surroundings for other weChat users which is an astonishing application. You can make update to social media as WeChat allows you to post picture with the message. These are the advanced features that set it apart from crowd of instant messengers. From all of the above facts and feature, highly favorable IM and most interactive IM is WeChat.



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