What is hashtag (#) ? How hashtag work and what its use ?

As we are all connected with Facebook, and heard about the latest technology that comes into existence constantly and in the same progression, a new enhancement of hastag (#) has been introduced in the Facebook.  Facebook hastag is a way to bring conversations about public events, topics and people to forefront. Hashtag (#) first gain the popularity on Twitter and then spread to Google+ and now it revolutionizes on Facebook. The release of Hashtag (#) is quite beneficial for brand pages as they possess huge advantages in terms of data collection and change the user interaction on Facebook.


Know-how about hashtags (#)

Here you can see basic information about hashtag, how you can use it on Facebook.

  • Click over the hashtag to get redirected to its feed, even you can click hashtags that originate on other services like Instagram.
  • Each hashtag on Facebook has its own unique url.
  • Search for a particular hashtag from search bar or you can follow the search as #xxyyzz or text facebook.com/hashtag/xxx in your browser where xxx represents the hashtag you want to look.
  • Now compose post directly from the hashtag field and search for results.

Marketers are already embracing the usefulness of their advertising and coming up with several ways to that they can be used to gain high potential. Here are some of the following tips to get better use of hashtags.

  • Start using the hastag feature like #hashtag in your public Facebook post whether it be a profile or page. Anyone who has the hashtag feature can see your hastags as clickable links.
  • You can also drive the traffic from other website to this unique hashtag url and ignite more conversation.
  • Hashtag feature can also be included in the mobile and you do the posting from that.
  • Use hashtag feature to start conversation with the group as it has the capability that involves any of the conversation as its own status box.
  •  Use the hashtags relevant to your marketing terms and related to the trending topics in the market as this will be beneficial for your company.
  • Try to highlight every first letter in each word so that it will be more readable.
  •  Don’t try to overuse of this hashtag, just 1-2 post are enough for each day.

These above listed steps are the tips in that way you increase the advertising of your page specific to your online business. When it comes to hashtag privacy, if you publish a post on your profile to friends only, and the post contains a hashtag feature, the hashtag will be clickable and open up to display all other posts on Facebook containing that hashtag then only friends can see that. On the other hand, public post remains public with or without any use of hashtags.



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