Why Famous Blogger do not Comment ?

Advancement and innovation burgeoning with boom in the internet world and more and more people wants to indulge in the online arena to promote their services with the help of blogging. Blogging becomes a common platform for online marketing and demonstrating intro of upcoming brands and commodities. Famous blogger prepare their contents by including quality and knowledgeable information so that users get the scrupulous info that he/she exactly wants about something. However, the new bloggers may follow the famous bloggers and consider them as an ideal and endeavor to copy them in a smart approach. And this is the best way to become successful blogger by using application of brainpower but they used commenting for enhancing their blogging while the famous blogger never does it.


Here are some reasons that incorporates why famous blogger do not comment on the blogs-

  • They never deem about the revelation of their blog with commenting as they are already well-known and well-accepted in this field on the other hand the new bloggers wants to expose their self through commenting.
  • Famous blogger never requires the back-linking to prove their self in the online platform while the other uses SEO and other commenting back-links to promote their blogs.

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  • Smart and experienced bloggers never waste their time in making back-linking for their blogs and they generally reply the user’s query about particulars through their shout box with their genuine email id.
  • Famous bloggers consistently serving the users with their quality rich contents and gaining the satisfaction from the general public relies on internet for the information. They customarily update the computer users with the new upcoming brands, products and services in every field.
  • Well-experienced bloggers consider the technical aspects of websites relevant to the blogs that would be highly beneficial for the website performance and that is the reason they do not dissipate their time on commenting.
  • Well-known bloggers give their precious time to interact with the followers through the social network like Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. People sends the messages about their query related to the blog and then bloggers resolve and reply back through emails with help of social media.
  • Famous bloggers know the ideas that how to earn money from other sources of information in the mean time.
  • They usually take ventures for the other business concurrently to earn huge amount of money as they have the proper knowledge of field.

They typically consider wastage of time in doing commenting for promotion of blog as they are already well-reputed and consequently they will help to increase the website performance through their quality rich contents and constant updates. Thus, being a famous blogger you need not to do commenting for online marketing and promotion.



2 Comments on “Why Famous Blogger do not Comment ?

  1. Thanks for sharing the information. it is indeed useful.

  2. Thanks Pranjal ..

    well I’m also not a famous blogger but I will be one day .. as its not an over night journey a person get success step by step …

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