Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media

Social media is quite necessary for online business whether it is small or large because it supports the online marketing at the optimum level. From the recent survey, it has found that most of the small businesses over 60 percent don’t see any return on investment from their social media activities. On the basis of study released by online business community, it is not surprising that several of small business owners are having a hard time justifying the expense of social media marketing effort. The main trouble is no matter how much time they spent on social media, they are generally not seeking the proper ROI for the company.


Power of social media

As Facebook is well known social site platform used for building traffic to the website and helps to increase the sales. According to the survey report of more than 1,235 small businesses owners provide the result that Social media use is trending upward. Proximity of 50 percent small businesses has increased time spent on social media this year and nearly 55 percent says they are using the platform like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon for acquiring general traffic from the visitors.

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But from the recent sources, Social Guru Ted Rubin isn’t surprised and also says that all about is caused due to the small business community’s expectations of social media platforms, how they are using them. As the chief of social marketing media of Collective Bias, a FORBES (most promising company) that derives retail sales and raised $ 10 million round through coordinated creation of social media stories.

Small business owner’s problem

First of all, small businesses owners are being sold by the experts who are trying to get them pay for setting up account.  But the Rubin explains their expectations are being set up in a wrong way. The persons whom small business owners appointed to check or regulate the social website account for generating leads actually they are misusing of account. They are selling something else rather than product marketing of specific business. Rubin also included that, the only real way to use social to bring in new sales is to dedicate a staffer that simply means if you are selling insurance, carpeting or any other service then first listen their complains about current service providers. The most critical factor is time because Manta survey said that despite the increase in time from 2012-2013, more than half of the business owners spend less than three hours a week online on social sites.

Rubin stated that build and develop the community between the brands and consumers on social sites so that you will follow the right track of marketing and generate the leads. Social network is the great platform which provides you the enough traffic to your website and it doesn’t matter a company to be small or large.



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