Windows 8: How to Eliminate Shut Down Problem

Widows 8 that latest operating system launched by the Microsoft recently and it is well equipped with the UEFI interface. Mostly people running windows 7 want to switch with the windows 8 OS because of its enticing and interactive features. But you have to be careful about the windows 8 OS as it causes the problem while shut down. If you have used windows8 then you are aware of this problem and you should also know that it consumes the lot of energy in the mean time. On the other hand in the traditional operating system of windows you have not suffered with such kind of problems. But in the case of this new operating system, you have frequently suffered with shut down problem. To remove this, a new feature Hybrid sleep is introduced in the windows8 this will saves the system power because of its dual attributes Hibernate and sleep. This novice feature will save the copy of your data and documents on the RAM as well as on the hard disk of your system and switch to the minimum consumption of energy.

However, this is quite complex task to manage the system with hibernate process apart from that you can manage this by following some steps-

  • Go to the start screen, move the pointer right corner of screen i.e. trigger charm bar then, click on the search option.
  • Search the power in the search box and this will display a new window then click on the setting option over the right pane and further change what the power button do in the options fields.
  • You can also change the power option through run dialog box. Open the run then text powercfg.cpl and then it shows choose ‘what the power buttons do’.
  • After that select the drop down turn on the fast startup (recommended) then uncheck this option and click on the save changes button. If the option is not enabled then further scroll up and select the ‘change setting that are unavailable’ link option.
  • To make the changes effective you must restart the system.

All these are the basic steps that help to eliminate the energy consumption problem in windows8 operating system and you can efficiently work on your system.



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