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Sat. Sep 24th, 2022
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Motor vehicles are an important part of life for everyone. The vehicles make our lives easier and comfortable. We can go wherever we want and however far we want to, just by driving to our destinations. The modern family time is often spent in cars and during long drives. Owning a vehicle is no more a luxury but a necessity. As vehicles became a crucial part of people’s lifestyle, they need licenses, registration, their renewal, modifications, etc. kind of services. For all these services and much more, South Carolina have a Department of Motor Vehicles. You can schedule an appointment, fill forms, get titles and registrations, and get the driving record, all with the help of this department. Let us get more information and understanding on South Carolina DMV.

What are the online services available in South Carolina DMV?

There are a number of online services available in South Carolina DMV. Some of them are listed below:

  1. DMV: Renew your registration, obtain a duplicate certificate, Driving record, License reinstatement fees, SC State ID Card, title your vehicle and obtaining a duplicate title comes under this.
  2. Third Parties: Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Vehicle history report, VIN check, Driving records, Identity theft, Name change, Background check, all these are included in this.
  3. South Carolina’s Ed Services: Boater education, Driver’s License and Learner’s permit study guide, Practice tests, Driver Prep courses, Teen Driver’s Ed courses, CDL Exam study guides, Motorcycle License practice tests.
  4. Miscellaneous Services: Exchange License plates for vanity plates/new design; Replace lost or stolen license plates; provide an emergency contact; hire a DUI attorney; passport expedition, all are included in this.

How to apply for Driver’s License and its renewal in South Carolina DMV?

You can apply for your Driver’s License after 17 years of age. There are a number of steps to follow for applying the same.

  • Hold a beginner’s permit for 180 days before applying for the license.
  • Take the vision test, knowledge and road skills tests.
  • Get your application signed by parent or legal guardian, if under 18.
  • Provide a birth certificate, Social Security card, Proof of residency and insurance information.
  • Visit a DMV office with all the required documents.
  • Pay the licensing fee.

If you want to renew your expired license as soon as possible, following are the requirements for the online renewal of license:

  • Should be a U.S. Citizen
  • Have a valid license that is eligible for renewal.
  • Do not have more than five points recorded against your license within past two years.
  • Should not have a license that has been expired for more than nine months.
  • Provide your Vehicle Insurance Information
  • Pay the fees.

What is the fee for applying Driver’s License and renewing?

For New license

Beginner’s permit$2.50
Knowledge Exam$2
Driver License(10 years)$25
Driver’s Manual$5+tax

For renewing the license

Driver’s License (Five-year) in person$12.50
Driver’s License (Ten Year) in person$25
Driver’s License (Veteran) by mail$12.50
Driver’s License by mail$12.50
Driver’s License (Five Year) non-U.S. citizen$12.50
Knowledge Exam$2

What are the Vehicle registration requirements in South Carolina DMV?

The vehicle registration can be done either by mail or in person. You need to provide vehicle title, proof of insurance, vehicle property tax receipt, and payment for your registration fees. You can transfer your license plates from your last vehicle to the new one.

To register your vehicle, you need to follow these steps:

  • A complete Application for Certificate of Title and Registration for Motor Vehicle
  • The name of Auto Insurance Company and address.
  •  Vehicle Property Tax receipt paid.
  • Payment for SC Vehicle registration fee.

What are the documents required for Vehicle Registration in South Carolina DMV?

Below is the list of some documents required for Vehicle Registration in South Carolina DMV:

  • Complete Title Application (Form 400)
  • Out-of-State Vehicle Title and/or registration
  • Acceptable identification
  • Liability Insurance company information
  • Original paid vehicle property tax receipt from treasurer’s office.

What is the Vehicle Registration fee in South Carolina?

Passenger Vehicle Registration$40
Vehicle owner 64 years old$38
Vehicle owner 65 years old and above$36
Motorcycle Registration$10
License Plate Transfer$10
Infrastructure Maintenance Fee5% of Purchase Price
Infrastructure Maintenance Fee for new Residents$250

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Late Vehicle Registration Fee in South Carolina?

Late Vehicle Registration Fee is $10 for 45-60 days late; $25 for 61 to 75 days late; $50 for 76 to 135 days late; $75 for more than 135 days late.

Can I apply for a Duplicate License in South Carolina DMV?

Yes, absolutely. You can apply for a duplicate license in South Carolina DMV.

What are the accepted payment methods in South Carolina DMV office?

Cash, Cheques and Credit or Debit cards are the accepted methods of payment in South Carolina DMV office.

Can I apply online for my Driver’s License in South Carolina?

Yes, you can apply online for your Driver’s License in South Carolina by visiting the DMV’s official website.

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