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We see motor vehicles everywhere these days. People use it for their comforting lifestyle and convenience for travelling distances. It is not a luxury anymore to ride a car or a bike, but a necessity to ease our daily tasks and make life simpler living. But, all the motor vehicles need a driver and drivers need a license to ride the vehicle. This is always taken care by the Department of Motor Vehicle in every State of United States. 

Arkansas, the State of Diamonds and Lakes and a desirable place for people to live in, also has a Department of Motor Vehicle to take care of the needs of the people like applying for Driver’s License and its renewal, Vehicle Registration, Getting appointments for License, etc. In this article we will get to know a lot about Department of Motor Vehicle in Arkansas and its online and offline services. Let us dive deep into the article for getting sound knowledge about the Arkansas DMV.

What are the online services offered by Arkansas DMV?

There are so many services offered by Arkansas DMV online. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Arkansas DFA Vehicle Services: Report an accident, apply for Commercial Vehicle Permits, Renew your License Plate, Report incorrect use of a State Vehicle, Order Vanity License plates, Search a specific State Vehicle, check the status of your Title, Registration or Lien, and Registration Renewal.
  • Private Vendor Vehicle Services: Find Motorcycle Insurance, get Auto Insurance, Order a Vehicle History Report, Extend your Vehicle’s warranty, all is included in this.
  • DFA Online Services: Access the CDL drug and alcohol testing database, Reinstate your Driver’s License, Request Driving Records, Request court Records.
  • Services Through Third-Party Vendors: Requesting driving records, Officially changing your name, ordering background checks, Requesting court records, Ordering Vital records, Applying for an International Driver Permit (IDP), Requesting an expedited passport.
  • Online Driver Education Services in AR: Practice test, CDL study guides, Motorcycle License, Online Driver’s courses, Defensive driving and traffic school courses.

How to apply for Driver’s License in Arkansas DMV?

To apply for Driver’s License, you need to first get an Instruction Permit; this will allow you to practice driving under supervision. Then, you need to apply for an Intermediate License which will allow you to drive unsupervised with restrictions. Lastly, you need to apply for a Full Adult License which will allow you to drive with no restrictions.

Following steps needs to be taken care of while applying for the Instruction Permit, Learner License and Intermediate License:

  • Visit your State Police Testing site for written test.
  • Bring the required Documents
  • Pass a Vision Test
  • Pass a Written Knowledge Exam
  • Apply at your Local DFA Revenue Office
  • Let your pictures taken
  • Pay a Permit Fee of $40
  • Receive Instruction Permit
  • Practice Supervised Driving
  • Pass a Road Skills Test
  • Get your Learner’s License 
  • Practice Supervised Driving
  • Get your Intermediate License

To apply for Instruction Permit and Learner’s License, you can apply between the ages of 14-16. After that, for Intermediate License, you are required to apply between 16-18 years of age. If you are 18+ then you can apply for the Full Adult License.

What are the Documents required for the Driver’s License in Arkansas DMV?

There are a number of documents required for the Driver’s License in Arkansas DMV. These are as follows:

  1. Social Security Number Verification Card or an Affidavit stating you don’t have one.
  2. Proof of Identity
  3. Proof of Birth
  4. Legal Proof of Change of Name (If changed)
  5. Proof of Legal Status (2 Documents)
  6. License Fee

How do you apply for Vehicle Registration and its Renewal in Arkansas DMV?

To register a Vehicle you need to do these steps mentioned below:

  • You are required to submit Proof of Ownership such as Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or Vehicle Title
  • Have a signed copy of Lien Agreement
  • Have the Vehicle Registration Application
  • Have the odometer disclosure statement for vehicles less than 10 years old
  • Have a VIN verification
  • Show proof that your Vehicle has been assessed by county assessor 
  • Proof of Arkansas Vehicle Insurance
  • Pay Registration Fees

Once you have brought or purchased the vehicle, you need to get Title for the vehicle and Registration within 30 days from the day vehicle was purchased.

What is the Vehicle Registration Fee for Arkansas people?

VehicleFee charged
Under 3000 pounds $17
3001 to 4500 pounds$25
Above 4501 pounds$30
Vans and Trucks$21
Motorcycles less than 250 cc$3
Motorcycles over 250 cc$7

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I check my car details online?

Yes, you can check your car details online any time and from anywhere. 

What is the cost to get License Plate in Arkansas?

The cost of getting a License Plate in Arkansas for over 4501 pounds is $30.

How much does it cost to Transfer a car Title in Arkansas?

It costs $10 to transfer a car title in Arkansas. You need to pay other fees as well with the Transfer fee such as Sales Tax, Registration Fee, Local Taxes, etc.

Can I take the Driver’s License Test Online?

Yes, you can take the Driver’s License Test online. But the testing is provided by the Arkansas State Police and is Computer Based in Oral form. The test has 25 questions to appear.

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