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The Apache County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a vital government organization in charge of delivering a wide variety of motor vehicle-related services to Apache County, Arizona citizens. The Apache County DMV performs an important role in maintaining road safety and compliance with state legislation, from granting driver’s licenses to registering automobiles. Let’s look at the duties and responsibilities, office hours, and documentation needed for various services at the Apache County DMV.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Apache County DMV is responsible for a variety of tasks related to motor vehicles. Some of the primary roles and responsibilities of the DMV include:

  1. Driver’s License Issuance and Renewal: The DMV handles the process of issuing new driver’s licenses, renewing existing ones, and administering driver’s license tests for both first-time applicants and those seeking to upgrade their licenses.
  2. Vehicle Registration: Vehicle owners can register their cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles at the Apache County DMV. Registration ensures that vehicles are legally authorized to be on the road.
  3. Titling and Transfers: The DMV facilitates the transfer of vehicle ownership between individuals and ensures that all necessary documentation is completed.
  4. Specialty License Plates: The DMV offers various specialty license plates, such as personalized plates or plates supporting specific causes or organizations.
  5. Compliance and Enforcement: The DMV plays a role in ensuring compliance with state motor vehicle laws and regulations, including vehicle emissions testing and safety inspections.
  6. Driver Records and History: The DMV maintains driver records and history, including driving violations, accidents, and license points.

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Office Hours:

The Apache County DMV typically operates during regular business hours, which are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. However, it’s essential to verify the specific office hours, as they may be subject to change or may vary during holidays or special circumstances.

Documents Required:

The documents required may vary depending on the specific service you are seeking at the Apache County DMV. However, some common documents needed for various services include:

  1. Driver’s License Application/Renewal:
    • Proof of Identity (e.g., birth certificate, passport, or state-issued ID)
    • Social Security Number (SSN) or proof of legal presence
    • Proof of Residency (e.g., utility bill or lease agreement)
  2. Vehicle Registration:
    • Vehicle Title
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Emissions Testing Certificate (if required)
  3. Titling and Transfers:
    • Vehicle Title (signed by the seller, if transferring ownership)
    • Odometer Disclosure Statement
    • Bill of Sale (if applicable)
  4. Specialty License Plates:
    • Application Form
    • Additional fees may apply for specialty plates
  5. Driver Records and History:
    • Driver’s License Number or Personal Information
    • Request Form (if applicable)

It’s essential to check the official Apache County DMV website or contact the office directly to get a comprehensive list of required documents for the specific service you need.

List of Apache County DMV Locations

MVD Office in Window Rock, ArizonaMVD Office in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona
MVD Office in St. Johns, ArizonaMVD Office in Chinle, Arizona

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