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Colorado, the land of vivid landscapes of forests, mountains, high plains, canyons, rivers, desert lands, and plateaus is part of the southwestern United States. It is a beautiful state which is popular for tourism and vacation. The city of Denver, the capital of Colorado is among the most populous city in the United States.

As the state is full of beauty and surrounded by aesthetic environment, more people want to settle in here and make this state as their permanent residence. But, they need to know some basic things when they move here. The state owns a department of Vehicle which issues license, issue title and registration, keeps record of your vehicle and helps you to renew your license and registration. There are a lot of services given by the department, but first let us know about the basics.

What are the online services provided by the Colorado DMV?

There are a number of services provided by the Colorado DMV. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Get a New License/ID: Apply for a Driver License or ID and know where your Driver License and ID are being processed.
  • Renew a License/ID: Renew a Driver License/ID; Add/Change Renewal reminders; Check eligibility to renew by mail; Request an expiration date extension.
  • Payments and Reinstatements: Pay Citations; Pay a reinstatement fee; View/Upload reinstatement documents.
  • Appointments and Hearings: Request a hearing; Schedule an appointment; Reschedule a hearing; submit a subpoena request.
  • Change a License/ID: Add/Change a driver license/ID address; upgrade from a permit to a license; downgrade a driver license.
  • Records: Request a driving record; update emergency contacts; View/submit a DOT medical certificate.
  • Registration: Renew a Vehicle Registration; submit a first-time vehicle registration; request a duplicate title; request a duplicate registration card; estimate Registration fees; Add/Change a vehicle address; report release of liability.
  • Emissions: Apply for an emission waiver; apply for an out-of-state emissions extension.
  • Plates and Tabs: Replace Tabs; Replace License plates
  • International Registration Plan: Create a IRP account; become a third party IRP agent; IRP account login
  • Disability Placards: Apply for a first-time placard; manage your placards.
  • Records: Get a Transaction receipt; request a title/registration history report; check a title status.

How do you apply for Driver’s License and its renewal in Colorado DMV?

To apply for a Class R driver license you should first apply for an instruction permit, pass a knowledge test, vision test and road skills test. To apply for Instruction Permit for the first timer you need to be between age group of 15 and 21. To apply for Minor Driver License which is for Permit Holder you need to be between age group of 16 to 21. To apply for Full Adult License for First timers, Permit Holders and Minor License Holders you need to be above the age of 21.

  1. Apply for a Driver’s License https://mydmv.colorado.gov/_/
  2. Schedule your appointment here for the offline application of Driver’s License https://coloradodor.hosted.acftechnologies.com/WAColorado/ACFCustom/Service.aspx
  3. Go with all the necessary documentation
  4. Pass a vision examination, a standard for which is 20/40
  5. Pass a written knowledge test
  6. Give your fingerprints and photographs
  7. Pay the fee of $16.80 for a regular permit or $48.19 for an SB251 permit by cash or credit card.
  8. Get your Permit and Practice supervised driving
  9. Pass the drive skills test
  10. Pay the license fee of $26.00 for a regular license or $79.58 for an SB251 license
  11. Receive your license

What are the documents required for documentation for Driver’s License in Colorado DMV?

  • Identity proof
  • Proof of residence (2 documents required)
  • Social Security Number
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Vehicle registration/title

How to apply for Vehicle registration and its renewal in Colorado DMV?

You need to visit DMV office with VIN verification form for applying for Vehicle registration in Colorado DMV. You need to register the vehicle within 60 days of purchase of vehicle and within ninety days of becoming a new resident of Colorado. After all this, the documents listed below needs to be submitted in the DMV. You need to pay the fees for registration. Additional fees may be collected based on county of residence and license plate selected.

For renewing your registration:

  • Registration renewal notice (filled out)
  • If applicable, proof of emissions test
  • Proof of insurance
  • Payment

What are the documents required for Vehicle Registration in Colorado DMV?

There are few documents required for Vehicle Registration in Colorado DMV. These are mentioned as follows:

  • The vehicle’s title or current registration certificate
  • Valid Form of ID
  • Verification of Vehicle Identification Number
  • Proof of passing an emissions test (applicable only in certain counties)
  • Proof of minimum liability insurance for the vehicle
  • Enough cash to cover your registration fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Vehicle Registration Fees in Colorado?

The license fee that is based on weight of the vehicle currently averages $45.00 for passenger vehicle and $90.00 for light vehicles (truck).

How much is tax on a vehicle in Colorado?

The tax on a vehicle is 2.9% of the cost of the vehicle. In addition to this, you are also responsible to pay county, city and district taxes.

Can I apply for Driver’s License online?

Yes, you can fill the application; take an appointment for various tests online in Colorado DMV.

What is the fine for expired tags in Colorado?

If you fail to register a vehicle on time, you need to pay $25 per month late fee, after the one-month grace period, up to $100.

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