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Iowa is a beautiful U.S State and a top pork producer of the nation. As Iowa’s agricultural economy has now diversified to advanced manufacturing, processing, financial services, informational technology, biotechnology, and green energy production, its population has increased manifold as well in the present times.  With the population, there comes the problem of more vehicles on the road, and people wanting licenses and registrations for the same. Now, Iowa DOT or Department of Transport comes into place which takes care of the construction, maintenance of the primary highway system and is also responsible for licensing drivers, programming, and planning for aviation, rail, and public transit. There are several divisions in the department and Motor Vehicle Division is responsible for Licensing, titling, and imposing restrictions. For the people of Iowa to apply for Driver’s License, register their vehicle, getting titles, will have to get some knowledge with the help of this article.

What are the online services offered by Iowa MVD?

There are various services offered by Iowa MVD. These are in numerated below:

  1. Driver’s License or ID: Renew Driver’s License/ID, Replace Driver’s License/ID, Receive a Renewal Reminder, changing address, etc are covered in this.
  2. License Plates: Order specialty plates, viewing status of the plates are included in this section.
  3. Commercial Driver’s Motor Carriers: Requests/Track oversize permits and IFTA/IRP online application are covered in this.
  4. Reinstatement/Civil Penalties: Viewing Reinstatement Requirements and paying for Civil Penalty is included in this.
  5. Driving Records: For Viewing and Purchasing the Driving Record.
  6. Driver’s License Practice Test.

How to apply for Driver’s License and its renewal in Iowa?

  • Types of Driver’s License: There are four types of Driving License issued in Iowa. Class C- Operator (Non-Commercial) It is the most common driving license and allows people to drive cars, trucks, etc. The second one is Class D- Chauffeur (Non-Commercial) it allows people to operate light straight trucks and small passenger-for-hire vehicles. Taxi drivers, firefighters, or farmers who drive a farm truck tractor require this. The third is, Class A/B/C (Commercial), Class A for a combination vehicle, Class B for a single-unit vehicle, Class C for a single unit vehicle designed to carry 16 or more persons including the driver. Lastly, Class M- Motorcycle, allows a person to ride motorcycles.
  • Applying for Driver’s License: To apply for a Class C driver’s license one should collect all the documents required, pass the vision screening and license test. A person can apply first for the Instruction permit between 14 to 17 years of age. Then, apply for a Minor school License and after that apply for an Intermediate License. Finally, the person can apply for a Full (Adult) License at the age of 17.
  • License Renewal: There are three ways to renew your license – Online, In-person and Kiosk. You have to fill in certain details like First and Last name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Driving License number on this website and log in There are certain requirements for the same, like a person should be at least 18 years old, should be Iowa’s resident and U.S citizen, have a valid non-commercial Iowa license, have driver’s license, have no changes to their name, date of birth, sex, class type, endorsements or restrictions, have no pending re-examination. 

In-person renewal can also be done at any of the Iowa’s 100 issuance sites by scheduling an appointment. Kiosk renewal can be done at one of the Iowa’s 24 kiosks.

What are the documents required for Driving License?

Given below are the documents required for the Driver’s License in Iowa:

  1. Age proof
  2. Identity proof
  3. Lowa Residence proof
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Proof of lawful status
  6. U.S Citizenship form
  7. Fees $4.00 per year

What are the requirements for Vehicle registration in Iowa?

Iowa law requires a resident of Iowa to register their vehicle within 30 days from the date of establishing their residency. Also, a vehicle registration can be renewed online at Titling of a Motor Vehicle can be done in Iowa by purchasing from a dealer (Legally assigned manufacturer) with a Bill of sale or purchase agreement and Form 411007 duly filled. The form is the application for a certificate of title and/or Registration of a vehicle. You need to give your information, vehicle information, Security Interest Information, Purchase Price, Primary User Information, and Fees for New Registration.

What are the Documents required for vehicle registration Iowa?

Following documents are required for vehicle registration in Iowa:

  1. Your current ownership document (certificate of title).
  2. Form 411007 duly filled and completed
  3. Age and Identity proof
  4. Lowa Residence proof
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Proof of Lawful Status

What are the Registration fees by vehicle type in Iowa?

Vehicle TypeFees
Battery Electric (BEV)$130.00
Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV)$65.00
Class A$400.00 (1-5 YEARS OLD); $300.00 (6 &OLDER)
Class B (Van Type Vehicle)$90.00 (1-5 YEARS OLD); $65.00 (6 & OLDER)
Class C$110.00 (1-5 YEARS OLD); $80.00 (6 & OLDER)
Motorcycle (BEV or PHEV)$6.75

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it necessary to fill the Form 411007 to register your vehicle in Iowa?

Yes, it is extremely necessary to fill the Form No. 411007 to register or get title for your vehicle in Iowa.

Can I apply for Driver’s License online for getting a license in Iowa?

Yes, you can apply online as well as in-person for getting a license in Iowa.

When do you need to register your vehicle after shifting to Iowa?

You need to register your vehicle within 30 days from the day of establishing your residency in Iowa.

DMV Offices in Iowa

Adel DMVIowa City DMV
Albia DMVJefferson DMV
Algona DMVKeokuk DMV
Allison DMVKeosauqua DMV
Anamosa DMVKnoxville DMV
Atlantic DMVLe Mars DMV
Audubon DMVLeon DMV
Bedford DMVLogan DMV
Belle Plaine DMVManchester DMV
Bloomfield DMVMaquoketa DMV
Boone DMVMarengo DMV
Burlington DMVMarshall town DMV
Carroll DMVMason City DMV
Cedar Rapids DMVMontezuma DMV
Centerville DMVMount Ayr DMV
Chariton DMVMount Pleasant DMV
Charles City DMVMuscatine DMV
Cherokee DMVNevada DMV
Clarinda DMVNew Hampton DMV
Clarion DMVNewton DMV
Clinton DMVNorthwood DMV
Corning DMVOnawa DMV
Corydon DMVOrange City DMV
Council Bluffs DMVOsage DMV
Cresco DMVOsceola DMV
Creston DMVOskaloosa DMV
Dakota City DMVOttumwa DMV
Davenport DMVPocahontas DMV
Decorah DMVPrimghar DMV
Denison DMVRed Oak DMV
Des Moines DMVRock Rapids DMV
Dubuque DMVRockwell City DMV
Dyersville DMVSac City DMV
Eldora DMVSibley DMV
Elkader DMVSidney DMV
Emmetsburg DMVSigourney DMV
Estherville DMVSioux City DMV
Fairfield DMVSpencer DMV
Forest City DMVSpirit Lake DMV
Fort Dodge DMVStorm Lake DMV
Fort Madison DMVTipton DMV
Garner DMVToledo DMV
Glenwood DMVVinton DMV
Greenfield DMVWapello DMV
Grundy Center DMVWashington DMV
Guthrie Center DMVWaterloo DMV
Hampton DMVWaukon DMV
Harlan DMVWaverly DMV
Ida Grove DMVWebster City DMV
Independence County DMVWest Union DMV
Indianola DMVWinterset DMV

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