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Nevada, the silver state of the United States and popular for its city Las Vegas, is the 7th most extensive state of U.S. It is the capital of entertainment and gambling in the U.S. and the largest gold-producing state in the nation. Millions of tourists visit the place every year due to its popularity. This is why there is a Department of Motor Vehicles that operates 16 offices across the state. It is responsible for issuing vehicle registration numbers, driver’s licenses, and much more. Let us get to know in detail various services offered by the Nevada DMV and how to use them to our benefit.

What are the online services offered by Nevada DMV?

There are quite a few online services offered by Nevada DMV. They are as follows:

  1. Sign In or Sign Up MyDMV: To get all the access to your license and vehicle records in one place, you need to sign in or sign up for the DMV account. It is deactivated after 18 months if there is no activity.
  2. Appointments and Address Change: DMV Office Appointment; Drive Test appointments; Address change all are included in this section.
  3. Vehicles: This includes Vehicle registration renewal (One Time/All Renewal/Off-Highway Vehicle renewal); Duplicate Registration/ Decal (One –Time Duplicate/All Duplicate/Off-Highway Vehicle Duplicate); Registration and Insurance Status; Ten Day Movement Permit; Registration Cancellation/ Plate Surrender; Vehicle Resale Notification; Online Original Registration; Registration Fee Estimate; Personalized Plate Search & Ordering; Insurance Coverage Update, Insurance General Information; Insurance Verification Response; Insurance Suspension Reinstatement; Vehicles Taxes History; Smog Spotter Smoking Vehicle Report.
  4. Driver License & ID Cards: Duplicate License, Permit, ID or Driver Authorization Card; Driver License Renewal; ID Card renewal; Driver History printout; Drive Test Scheduling, all are included in this section.
  5. Business License Verification: For verifying whether your body shop, auto dealer, garage, or driving school has a valid DMV business license or not.
  6. Payment and Security: For all the essential services you are willing to avail.

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How to apply for Driver’s License and its Renewal in Nevada DMV and what all documents are required for the same?

To successfully apply for a full driver’s license in Nevada first you need to get your instruction permit. You can do the following steps:

  • Submit an application for driving or ID Card (Form DMV 002)
  • Submit proof of Identity
  • The identity can be a Birth Certificate, Citizenship certificate, Passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240), Out of state driver’s license, instruction permit, or Permanent Resident Card.
  • Two documents for the proof of residency
  • After that, you are required to pass a vision test.
  • Then, you are required to pass a knowledge test.
  • You will have your photo taken
  • You must pay the necessary fee which is $42.25 below the age of 65 and $23.25 above the age of 65.

Now, that you have an Instruction Permit, after the age of 21, you can apply for a Driver’s License with the proof of Social Security Number (SSN) which includes a Social Security Card, W-2, IRS Form 1099, Paystub. Take the driving test and you can get your Driving License in no time.

For renewing the Driver’s License, these are the list of documents required for the same.

  • Acceptable proof of Identity: State-issued birth certificate (original or certified copy); Valid, unexpired U.S. passport; Nevada Department of Corrections Identification Card.
  • Social Security Card
  • W-2
  • IRS Form 1099
  • IRS Form 1099A
  • Paystub with Social Security Number listed.
  • Fee: A four-year license renewal is $22.25 and an eight-year license renewal fee is $41.25.

What are the requirements for Vehicle Registration in Nevada DMV?

Vehicles Purchased from a Nevada Dealer

Nevada Evidence of InsuranceElectronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS)Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report (If needed, this must be issued by the dealer)Current Odometer Reading Application for Vehicle Registration (VP 222).

Vehicles Purchased from an Out-of-State Dealer

Nevada Evidence of Insurance. Invoice or Bill of Sale, and one of the following: Title, Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, Security Agreement, Lease Agreement. Nevada Emission Vehicle Inspection Report VIN inspection current Odometer Reading Application for vehicle registration (VP 222).

What is the Fee for Registering your Vehicle in Nevada DMV?

You need to pay a fee while registering your vehicle in Nevada State. Following are the fee details:

  1. Registration fee for Car: $33
  2. Registration fee for Motorcycle: $33
  3. Registration for Travel Trailer: $27
  4. Taxes are based on original Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  5. If you are a new resident in the State the fee for the Title is $28.25.
  6. The safety fee on Motorcycle registration is $6.
  7. If a new resident does not register his/her vehicle within 30 days affine of $1000 is charged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it important to register your vehicle within 30 days, if you are a new resident in Nevada?

Yes, it’s very important to register your vehicle within 30 days, if you are a new resident of Nevada State failing you will be charged a fine of $1000.

What does the Application for Vehicle Registration require?

The application of Vehicle Registration requires Vehicle Identification Number, Year, Make, Model, Truck or Bus weight, Vehicle based in, current odometer reading, your full legal name, mailing address, telephone, date of birth, etc.

Is the Vision Test necessary while applying for Driver’s License?

Yes, Vision Test is very necessary while applying for a Driver’s License in the state of Nevada.

DMV Office in Nevada

DMV OfficeDMV Office
Yerington DMVLaughlin DMV
Winnemucca DMVLas Vegas DMV
Hawthorne DMV
Tonopah DMVGoldfield DMV
Lovelock DMVFallon DMV
Reno DMVEureka DMV
Pioche DMVEly DMV
Pahrump DMVElko DMV
North Las Vegas DMVCarson City DMV
Mesquite DMVBerlin DMV
Storey Assessor’s Office in Virginia CityDouglas County Treasurer’s Office in Stateline
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