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Speeding ticket in indiana

Rules of the road are most important when you begin driving in the United States. There are many laws associated with driving, in the US, these laws are different from one state to another. One such law is speed limits, which happens to be the most important one.

Since laws vary from one state to another, they have their own set of speed limits. When you get your driving license in the US, you must be aware of these laws. The most common traffic tickets are for speeding, so it’s important to educate yourself on obeying speed limits.    

The speed limits can be found on the white signs on the side of a highway or a road. The default limit on rural two-lane roads is 55 mph unless the sign is posted stating otherwise. These limits can differ based on your location.

Speeding Laws in Indiana

Speeding Fines

The first offense for speeding in a work zone can attract you a fine of $300. If the act is repeated and caught, you are liable to pay a $1000 speeding ticket fine.

If you are caught intentionally speeding up near a school bus you have to pay a fine of a maximum of $500 and up to 60 days of jail time.

Driver’s License Points System

For repeated offenses, Indiana uses a points system, for speeding and other violations. The more points result in more severe punishment. Points stay on your record for 2 years. If you receive 12 points in 2 year period, it results in you be placed on probation. During probation, if any tickets are received, your license will be suspended.

 1 – 15 mph over the speed limit 2 point violation
 16 – 25 mph over the speed limit 4 point violation
 26+ mph over the speed limit 6 point violation
 Failure to use headlights 2 point violation
 No brake or signal lights 2 point violation
 Disregard stop/yield sign 4 point violation
 Fail to yield to moving emergency vehicle 6 point violation
 Improper U-turn 4 point violation
 Following too closely 6 point violation
 Unsafe lane movement 4 point violation
 Failure to yield 4 point violation
 Speed contest on road 8 point violation
 Improper motorcycle headgear 4 point violation
 Improper motorcycle passenger 4 point violation
 Driving while suspended 8 point violation

Got a speeding ticket, what now?

After pulling over, if the officer feels that you were speeding, he will issue you a ticket. A paper ticket, also known as a citation, will be given to you, where you were pulled over. Now you have to follow a proper procedure so that you don’t face any harsh consequences.

Potential consequences include: 

  • Car insurance rates might increase.
  • Requirements of traffic court.
  • Action against your driving license.
  • Defensive driving classes or mandatory driving school. 

What Options you have after receiving a speeding ticket?

Mainly there are two options, either pay the fine on a scheduled due date or fight the ticket in court.

  • If you fight the ticket and are not declared guilty, no fines will be charged and you will avoid all the penalties that came with it.
  • If you fight the ticket and are found guilty, driver’s license points will be added to your driving record.
  • If you want to pay the fine, pay it on time. Otherwise, you will attract interest on fine, if failed to pay on time.    

Responding to your ticket:

If you choose to pay the fine, essentially means you’re admitting your guilt and giving up the option to fight the ticket.

Fines and penalties depend on the type of traffic violation, but the people who pay the Indiana traffic ticket fines can:

  • Expect high auto insurance rates.
  • Get a discount for Driver Safety Program completion (DSP).

Indiana DSP or deferral program can be used to keep traffic violations off their driving records.

Generally, when you receive your traffic ticket, the state allows a certain amount of time to respond to it. Check the date mentioned on your ticket. If you failed to respond by that date, the court will notify the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) who can suspend your driver’s license indefinitely.

How to pay your ticket fine:

Depending on the state you belong to and what your court offers, you might be able to pay for your speeding ticket online, by mail, in person, or by phone.

Paying Online:

Not all tickets are eligible for online payment but those eligible can visit the state’s Online Ticket Payment portal.

This online portal requires certain information from the ticket to be processed. This will include the ticket number, so if you have lost the ticket, you should immediately contact the appropriate court for details on how to find your records.

Other Payment Options:

If you are unable or ineligible to pay your ticket online, contact the appropriate court and ask about the payment methods accepted by it. These payment methods can be, by mail, in person, or by phone. Be sure to ask which forms of payment are accepted by the court (i.e. cash, credit cards, checks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much is a speeding ticket in a school zone in Indiana?

Speeding in a school zone you will end up paying fine up to $1,000

What is the speed limit in Indiana if not posted?

30 mph (48 km/h) in urban areas. 35 mph (56 km/h) on unpaved roads. 45 mph (72 km/h) on rural paved county roads.

How much fine will I get if I drive at 50miles/hr in Indiana?

Speeding fines are $1 per mile over the speed limit so if you are driving at 50 miles per hour on a 30 miles per hour zone then you will be getting a ticket of $20 and Court costs are $133.50.

DMV Offices in Indiana

Indianapolis BMV License AgencyGoshen BMV License Agency
Huntington BMV License AgencyGary BMV License Agency
Hobart BMV License AgencyFishers BMV License Agency
Hartford City BMV License AgencyFairmount BMV License Agency
Hammond BMV License AgencyEvansville BMV License Agency
Greenwood BMV License AgencyEnglish BMV License Agency
Greensburg BMV License AgencyElkhart BMV License Agency
Greenfield BMV License AgencyEast Chicago BMV License Agency
Greencastle BMV License AgencyDeMotte BMV License Agency
Delphi BMV License AgencyBoonville BMV License Agency
Decatur BMV License AgencyBluffton BMV License Agency
Danville BMV License AgencyBloomington BMV License Agency
Dale BMV License AgencyBloomfield BMV License Agency
Crown Point BMV License AgencyBerne BMV License Agency
Corydon BMV License AgencyBedford BMV License Agency
Connersville BMV License AgencyAuburn BMV License Agency
Columbus BMV License AgencyAngola BMV License Agency
Columbia City BMV License AgencyAnderson BMV License Agency
Clinton BMV License AgencyAlbany BMV License Branch Office
Carmel BMV License AgencyAlbion BMV License Branch Office
Brownsburg BMV License AgencyAmboy BMV License Agency
Brookville BMV License AgencyAlexandria BMV License Agency
Brazil BMV License AgencyBatesville BMV License Agency
Winchester BMV License AgencyNappanee BMV License Agency
Winamac BMV License AgencyMuncie BMV License Agency
Williamsport BMV License AgencyMorocco BMV License Agency
West Lafayette BMV License AgencyMonticello BMV License Agency
Washington BMV License AgencyMishawaka BMV License Agency
Warsaw BMV License AgencyMichigan City BMV License Agency
Walkerton BMV License AgencyMerrillville BMV License Agency
Wabash BMV License AgencyMartinsville BMV License Agency
Vincennes BMV License AgencyMarion BMV License Agency
Vevay BMV License AgencyMadison BMV License Agency
Versailles BMV License AgencyLoogootee BMV License Agency
Veedersburg BMV License AgencyLogansport BMV License Agency
Valparaiso BMV License AgencyLinton BMV License Agency
Tipton BMV License AgencyLiberty BMV License Agency
Tell City BMV License AgencyLebanon BMV License Agency
Sullivan BMV License AgencyLawrenceburg BMV License Agency
Spencer BMV License AgencyLagrange BMV License Agency
South Bend BMV License AgencyLafayette BMV License Agency
Shelbyville BMV License AgencyLa Porte BMV License Agency
Seymour BMV License AgencyKokomo BMV License Agency
Sellersburg BMV License AgencyKnox BMV License Agency
Scottsburg BMV License AgencyKendallville BMV License Agency
Schererville BMV License AgencyJeffersonville BMV License Agency
Salem BMV License AgencyJasper BMV License Agency
Rushville BMV License AgencyPlymouth BMV License Agency
Rockville BMV License AgencyPlainfield BMV License Agency
Rochester BMV License AgencyPetersburg BMV License Agency
Rising Sun BMV License AgencyPeru BMV License Agency
Richmond BMV License AgencyPendleton BMV License Agency
Rensselaer BMV License AgencyPaoli BMV License Agency
Princeton BMV License AgencyNorth Vernon BMV License Agency
Poseyville BMV License AgencyNoblesville BMV License Agency
Portland BMV License AgencyNew Haven BMV License Agency
Portage BMV License AgencyNew Castle BMV License Agency
Nashville BMV License AgencyNew Albany BMV License Agency

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Home » DMV in USA » Indiana DMV » Indiana Speeding Laws Fine and DL Point System
Home » DMV in USA » Indiana DMV » Indiana Speeding Laws Fine and DL Point System
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